Millennial Love

  I’m sure many of you are familiar with the ever-changing dating scene us young twenty-somethings have pretty much been involuntarily thrust into. Trying to date in the age of technology has subjected us to swiping for potential partners and entertaining clever Instagram direct messages. We question every little move from how our choice of emoji […]

Notting Hill Carnival

Vibrant color schemes, thousands rhythmically gyrating to Caribbean beats….the scene of Carnival 2016 in Notting Hill, London was an experience one should have at least once in their life. Being my first year attending Carnival, I knew it would be a booze and music induced fest. The crowds gathered were massive, with many people following […]

Summer’s Up, Carnival’s On!

Wow! The year has seriously flown by since my last and only post of 2016. For those of you who still follow my blog, I thank you for checking in to see what’s new in my world. With such a busy year of school and internships, the sad fact is I have let my blog […]

Why Not London? A Fashion Newbies Dream

s the saying goes, I bleed red, white, and blue. Who knew you didn’t have to be an overly patriotic American for this saying to be true. Though I have only been living in London for nearly five months, I have already adopted it as a second home. Convenient that both my home country and my […]

Make Yellow Work For You

Bold, bright, happy–perfect adjectives to describe the color yellow, and the focus color of today’s post. Spring to me, is all about new beginnings. Fresh flowers bloom, and the clocks change back to longer, sunnier days. Spring invites a special feeling of happiness and a chance to brighten up our wardrobes via bright colors! if you […]

London Town + Princess Leia Inspired OOTD

The past few months have been so hectic emotionally and busy wise, that my weekly postings have turned into bi-monthly posts (if that). Excuses, excuses you’re probably thinking but really, with my almost 7 days a week work schedule it has been hard to find the time after I get home from work to post […]

Spring Forward With Resort Wear Style

All Photography by: Garrett Wedel of 0816 Productions For this look, I went with a beautiful nude leather circle skirt as the basis of my entire outfit. I really wanted to pull in a color scheme that went cohesively with the tropical setting I envisioned one would wear this in, so I thought that brown tones […]

Vintage Nod to DVF Inspired DIY dress

Something about thrift shopping is so enthralling, and one of my favorite hobbies. If you’ve never stepped foot into a thrift store— never scoured through endless racks of hopelessly dismal looking clothes—until finally laying your eyes on that perfect one-of-a-kind vintage piece, than you haven’t lived! Okay, maybe I’m one for the dramatics, but seriously […]

I’ve Got a Hot Date… Now What To Do?

Hey all you single and taken ladies out there! Finally scored that last minute hot date for Valentines Day and now scrambling for that perfect wow outfit? Spending a romantic evening with your significant other and want to look downright sexy? Fear not, your V-day outfit inspiration is here, with mood boards that have a […]

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