Cali-Casual Street Chic in High-Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfie Jeans          Something about the Boyfriend Jean or shorts, screams relaxed, cool and comfy. I think in many cases, this could perfectly describe the California-style. In Cali, everything is all about being laid back, comfortable and chic. I think many of us find it hard to pull off a boyfriend jean or short. Usually the struggle is in finding that perfect fit–either its so baggy that it looks like you’ve gained an extra 5 pounds, or it’s an out of date style, making you look like your wearing mom-jeans. I used to think this look could only be pulled off by someone that was very thin, but I think anyone can master the look, by following a few simple rules.

Full outfit

Rule # 1: Relax, Take your time to shop around: Don’t rush out and pick up the first pair of boyfriend jeans you find. It may be trending, but a good, lasting pair takes time to find. Not every jean will look the same on you, as it does on the hanger. Do some research, go to a few different stores and see how some of the different styles fit you, and then when you’ve found that perfect fit–buy them!

Cut-Out heels + The Louie

Rule #2: Bring heels when you shop: Yea, you heard me! Bring a pair of cute high heels with you when your shopping around for that perfect Boyfriend Jean. Why, you ask? Because, boyfriend jeans tend to be baggy and make your legs look thicker than a normal jean, so to counter-balance the bulk, a great statement high heel or high-boot will make the leg look longer and leaner, and a casual-chic look will be achieved. When your new to the boyfriend- jean purchasing circuit, you may feel like no jean is fitting right, or that the cute baggy look isn’t quite being achieved, leaving you feeling like you can’t pull it off. But, if you throw on a heel, I guarantee you the jeans will transform from boyish baggy to boyfriend chic.


Rule # 3: If your lower-half section tends to be your problem area: The heel is your friend, and for many reasons. A shoe is not only feet candy, acting often times as the focal piece to the entire outfit. Not only are shoes pretty, but they do wonders to your legs! If you have short legs, thick thighs, or round calves, than slipping on a heel with some height, can really elongate and make your legs look lean. When wearing a boyfriend jean or shorts, due to the bagginess of the excess fabric, you tend to look big or bulky and very boyish. Now, unless thats the look your going for, you want to make sure your not looking too boyish that someone would mistake you for an actual teenage boy, and a heel is a great way to prevent that mistake. It adds a bit of girly chicness, to the boyish pants.


For my outfit today, I am wearing distressed high-waisted semi-pleated shorts, a maroon eagle embossed pull-over, and brown cut-out leather ankle heel booties. These heels are not only super cute, but extremely comfy! I wanted to mix a bit of brown into the outfit to compliment the deep maroon color crew neck pullover.

For Jewelry, I wanted to mix golds and white. I am wearing a white wrap wrist-watch, Gold bangles, and a cool cross gold necklace, with blue pearls and gems that I got as a gift from my mom. I am also trying to glam the look up with statement gold triangular earrings. I wanted to keep it street edgy, so chose to wear side braid. To complete the look, I keep it more sporty-street bag look with a Louis Vuitton Sport Bag that speaks for itself.

For my makeup, I kept with the Gold and brown tones, keeping the entire look complimentary and natural looking. My nails are an Essie grayish/purple. Makeup look


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