Casual Afternoon Refreshed


Photography Cred: 0816 Productions

Need that perfect outfit idea for a long summer day, running errands? Or, for that afternoon Starbucks pit stop in between classes?  Then look no further! My outfit look of the day, is a perfect mix of casual meets cute. When your running to class, or out and about with a day full of errands, jeans can sometimes be your best friend. They are cute and functional during a busy day, however jeans can sometimes look like little effort went into dressing. By styling jeans with a nice button-up, complimented by shoes with some height to them, this look can transform into a very chic–relaxed casual feel.

Sippin on that Valencia OrangeAlso, using similar color tones throughout your outfit can help pull the look together, without making it look like you rolled out of bed, tossing on the first pair of jeans you saw. A nice belt, in my case one that matches with my shoes, can help make the look more clean and put together. I am wearing a white button-up shirt with ruffle detailing from Express, semi-light washed jeans that I purchased in the Fashion District in Downtown LA, and Target heeled booties in a warm brown color.3TG29oKLXt2mquYUqlfuljFthaAqoCDzdFMIMDtiW2c,y3mGijznefjmiBjl-DI2v3ahRfptW0-DFdsLaIWAbjg,dQ37fJ02dfPBecwOv1PCQhzVEMBIEWMbF0ouuJg9Iqc I chose to tuck in my white shirt but left a few buttons open at the top, to accessorize with some layered jewelry as another focal piece. Also, doing this keeps it looking more casual and summery. I am also wearing a brown-woven watch from Harley Davidson, a vintage item from my parent’s collection. I wanted to keep a fluid color palette of browns and light white, with a hint of blue from the jeans. This is a great summer look that you can easily throw a jean jacket over, for a night transition. Shop similar styles below:


Flower Blossoms
Also, summer is approaching and we all love to find that perfect refreshing drink after a long day at the beach, or to cool off in the heat.  One of my favorite drinks right now, and really over the past year, is the Starbucks Refreshers. They have a few different flavors, but my personal two favorites are the Very Berry Hibiscus
and Valencia Orange Refreshers. They are like no other lemonade or drink, and somehow find an amazing way to quench the thirst.

Valencia Orange RefresherValencia Orange Refresher, is mixed with three different types of oranges, with a floral/fruity hint, combined with Green Coffee Extract, which gives a natural caffeine similar to coffee. An almost daily drink I get from Starbucks.

Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
The other flavor, Very Berry Hibiscus, contains blackberries, hibiscus and Green Coffee Extract. Pick one, pick all, you can’t go wrong here!

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