Millennial Love

  I’m sure many of you are familiar with the ever-changing dating scene us young twenty-somethings have pretty much been involuntarily thrust into. Trying to date in the age of technology has subjected us to swiping for potential partners and entertaining clever Instagram direct messages. We question every little move from how our¬†choice of emoji […]

Summer’s Up, Carnival’s On!

Wow! The year has seriously flown by since my last and only post of 2016. For those of you who still follow my blog, I thank you for checking in to see what’s new in my world. With such a busy year of school and internships, the sad fact is I have let my blog […]

Spring Forward With Resort Wear Style

All Photography by: Garrett Wedel of 0816 Productions For this look, I went with a beautiful nude leather circle skirt as the basis of my entire¬†outfit. I really wanted to pull in a color scheme that went cohesively with the tropical setting I envisioned one would wear this in, so I thought that brown tones […]

No Boyfriend, No Problem

Photography Cred: 0816 Productions Happy Hump Day! If you can’t tell what the theme of today’s post is, besides a cute graphic tee and leather combo, well the picture really says it all– No Boyfriend, No Problems! Now, I’m not a male-hater by any means, but after various failed relationships, I’ve realized there are some […]