Coachella-Inspired Gypsy Vibe


Ciao Bella….err Hello Beautifuls!

So I’m jealous of all you Coachella Goers, and since I’ve now officially decided I’m going to go next year, and am currently at home not dancing my a** off at a festival full of amazing music and fashion-spiration, I am doing a take on a Gyspy – Coachella Inspired look of my own. Coachella is not only known for it’s extensive performer attendees as well as celebs, booze, and fun alike. But theres a whole other side of Coachella and I think one of the fun sides, the fashion. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, general attendees spend a great deal of time prepping for the cutest festival outfits, accessories, bags, and well, you get the point. They’re trying to look great in pictures they will cherish for years to come, at a festival equivalent to your modern day Woodstock.

Dancing in the windIf I were attending Coachella, I’d imagine wearing something like this. When I think of Coachella fashion, I think flowy, flowery, bohemian, gypsy, fashion forward with a laid back feel. I bought this Purple Chiffon Kimono from Cotton On about a year or so ago. I loved it so much because at the time it was one of those colors I was obsessing over, and still pretty much am. Red lipsThe dress I’m wearing was actually from TJ Maxx or Marshalls, not fully sure as my mom picked it up when I was in Europe last year for a rehearsal dinner dress, for her wedding. It was actually supposed to be for my little sis, but I saw it before she did so, totally tap-tapped it mine (the perks of being an older sister). I love the jean distressed upper bodice portion giving this flowy, vibrant, side-slit dress a more edgier chicness to it. I figured the length of the kimono would go well with this strapless maxi-dress, creating that perfect softness to the look. In the heat of the desert, its great when you can achieve a cute look while allowing for yourself to stay cool and get some air-flowage up in that. For jewelry, I am wearing black/silver hoops, a purple crystal necklace with gold details from Brandy Melville, mixing metals with my tiny heart necklace from Dogeared, and a large jeweled ring from Francesca’s. I went a little simpler for shoes this day going with white-woven sandals, since I was by the beach and keepin it casual. Besides, if I really did wear this to Coachella I’d want to be comfortable walking around all day, and sandals are sometimes the way to go. I love a good top knot bun with a strapless dress look, and some dark pinkish lips to top everything off. Today is a short post kind of day, so enjoy the rest of the weekend while I continue fantasizing about how much fun I’m going to have next year at Coachella. Be free, live with wild heart and dance to your own unique rhythm.  I’d love it if you would check out the right sidebar to subcribe to my blog. Many thanks!




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