It’s an Urban Kind of Day : Casual in Flannel

Get this look: Purple High-waisted shorts-Urban Outfitters; Flannel ; Mustache/Glasses tee- Guess; Cream ankle boots- Urban Outfitters


We all have those days where we just want to reach into our closets and throw on a simple, casual outfit and be off for the day. One of the easiest and biggest trends circulating the street fashion world, is the high-waisted jean short- flannel wrapped around the waist duo. I am guilty of being a fan of this look, because I really don’t have to think too much about what I’m putting together. Plaid + High Waisted ShortsA great pair of high-waisted jean shorts like my purple ones from Urban Outfitter, a simple graphic tee and colorful flannel can go a long way.  Dress it up with some cool heels, or down for a more casual look with a great pair of boots, like my doc martin-esque cream boots from Urban. I LOVE when I score big deals shopping, but I’m a pretty savvy shopper, so I’ll share a shopping secret of mine, and that is the Urban Outfitters Surplus store in Sherman Oaks. Since finding this hidden gem, I have bought countless items at this Sale store. My purple high-waisted shorts were….wait for it….$3.00 on sale during winter!!! (Feel free to bow down to my shopping ways.)A windy mess I also picked up my cream boots from Urban for $10. The flannel I had in my closet, and the graphic mustache glasses tee was a Christmas gift from my Mom from Guess. What are some of your easiest casual look favs? 

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