Kimono Fever

Kimono Fever by the Beach


Hey guys! So, I’ve been super busy this week, and have noticed I’ve been slacking on my daily posts. Being a full-time student with a job, and living 2 hours away from where I work and go to school, easily consumes most of my time. Add my second job, (my blog) into the mix, and you can see why it has been hard to find time for blogging and photo shoots. I seriously LOVE blogging, and wish I could do it 24/7,  however my real life has not yet caught up with my fantasy life, so I’m hangin in there until then. Luckily, school is over in a month and a half, and I will be able to dedicate all of my time to my blog. This summer will be filled with tons of Lifestyle and Travel posts, which I have yet to introduce to the site, due to my already mentioned lack of time. I will be traveling through Europe for hopefully over a month, and Israel for two weeks! Until then, bare with me and enjoy the posts I can give to you 🙂 Thanks for your support!

Friends and dogsSo, this photo shoot was taken last week during my Spring Break. I was up in Orange County most of the week, so it is my final beach house look (I’m sure you can tell similar shoot locations). I was hanging by the beach during my Birthday week with my Bestie Mel, my cute doggie Dodger, and my friend Garett. I’ve been noticing lately a “Kimono Fever” of sorts, going on in the fashion world.  Fresh air window openI personally loooove this look, and have been seeing this trend all over the Runways, Coachella, and on the web. I think there are many looks you can create with the modern Kimono, and I chose to keep it casual and beachy-relaxed. The Kimono, I actually borrowed from a friend. I loved the traditional red and black flowery detail on it, and thought it would look super cute paired with a high-waisted short, crop top combo. Rooftop Chillin, Ocean ViewsMy linen high-waisted shorts I honestly have no clue where I got. I’ve had them for over a year, so you can imagine the shopping trips that occurred during this time. My crop top, is actually a simple thin strap basic cotton top from Urban Outfitters, that I got on sale a few years back. Since the Kimono was the main focal point to the outfit, I chose to keep it simple, in all black everything. Lax lookMy shoes are unfortunately hidden from the pictures, but I was wearing faux Croc-skin Gladiator sandals from Target, that I again have had for many years. Sometimes you have those lasting pieces that can go with anything, and stay in trend over multiple years (this is what we call a #winning buy).Side Smirkin My jewelry is relatively understated, wearing black hoops, a Brandy Melville purple crystal necklace, and chunky stone ring from Francesca’s. And of course, my Red/Black Kimono outfit wouldn’t be complete, without a nice red lip to complete the look.

Red Umbrella, Red Kimono LoveSee you guys later this week…and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by clicking the links on the right sidebar. Hope you all had a beautiful day!

Photography Credit: 0816 Productions


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