London Town + Princess Leia Inspired OOTD

uwSJLerpbyNqjEznQAyuZbcNiSXxL43nh6OTBMq8ibw,cl_fg1vMs_cdtN2dNNUbEYJ3Ukd9DbVEsdg6H65Md2I,rVxoVUVC_zkj3VTNtRupcEGc5pndMbq91-Cn7TaHqV4,g-0J5hq_puAxbAhkzXmpCnq__IrEtiPnh6jnE4vBw9kThe past few months have been so hectic emotionally and busy wise, that my weekly postings have turned into bi-monthly posts (if that). Excuses, excuses you’re probably thinking but really, with my almost 7 days a week work schedule it has been hard to find the time after I get home from work to post as much as I would like. There have been a lot of new developments in my life and many changes ahead that I am very excited to share with you all. You may have already seen a post about my upcoming big move, but for those of you who haven’t heard I will moving to London in the fall!! I will be attending Regent’s University, studying Fashion Marketing for two years. I am so beyond elated to start this new Chapter of my life abroad, gaining international experience in one of the biggest fashion hubs in the world. I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful upcoming artists, designers, and fashion aficionados that will be attending Regent’s Design School!!


What is most exciting is that you all will get to follow along my journey, as I PROMISE to kick my blogging butt into gear with new weekly blogposts, outfit inspirations, videos and share all of the traveling I will be doing in London and throughout Europe. It is going to be an exciting few years and I hope all of you will share in my journey into the exciting world of fashion.

8497115499_bab0e74a2f_zAs I prepare for my move, I will be sharing the process step-by-step, with tips/advice if you are like me, prepping for a big overseas move. Thankfully I have a few friends and loved ones who will be in Europe over the next few years, in case the homesickness starts to creep up on me.


All photography by :0816 Productions

This #OOTD look has nearly nothing to do with the topic of my blog post today, however I thought I’d share it now since I was supposed to post the look last week (evidence of my lack of time). I’m channeling Princess Leia in this look, and even the color scheme kind of works for that spacey vibe.LR0tcjm-UFmFLzP9d7jxddyUWIgYGpQvf_O4XAnrDaw,KTP0qg7_0BX1O489QZb_LtMRdljylQvtMg1ch0v3D-U,fI5_woywLJp___dlNen0cBrn1sxz5tJVajdvKfgxdrU,q_d4h81vuhX3aIqavTUmIDxHlA6UoTEIlUv8lnRH1So,SrN5YnxLHUTdW0TXXiJ_fGRRXToDjuJ19CiVwFXls4U


I tend to sport the double buns hairstyle when I’m feeling energetic and slightly goofy, and I definitely was in one of those moods the day I shot this look. This look is perfect to add into your springtime wardrobe because, spring can bring both warm and cold temps, and the turtleneck with shoulder cuts is the perfect balance of keeping warm with a little bit of skin for the sunnier days.

k_FIL3SAH0JLjsc22s5fQrRBs3pp4qbiMf--RY_L99Q,Eo74-yXz6t0QmXV706Tebd0yt8fMHRb77FgDpE9T_BU,ljX6GVdNxhUEd7sS5nT-A6E6ORWk2K6zJijPsr8Fp0kqdJMTUwD1BttLiTOkoAgU4uKtb9DELqrE2Lv9EJntLM,MO1xKtf28mkU6knNDxz2bdxOtJmdDnxyZsCt-sGFok4,nphgdW0sQkB4J_P8F-acxwKwp7jsctkya45a5YagA4E,gv2DriVZkSsTgsCIvy4o8hL23SwcxR1esk9r4UCCuVoI wanted to do a black and orange look, and have been dying to wear my Topshop faux cow hair boots since I got them from my brother for Christmas.FtoZIRioN99EVUrf5OxGKUWayRL_Pyo3MM0uIMb9O_w,0BSMnbe4I2jM8Vkkety76mMV5LQbhQ5AcWjt6H-Wl6E,Tznz6PT1fiXk_LuEb5N05hP7OvPSZc5dyBN7hG_jyT0,O3UowqXBzDNMdyX16CbO2_t_8H2XNrYA6up5mtpY3GE,l_N9OV2fJyOlOsInwVyDKLcRNcG6UOdY3SNNs_DqzSoI paired my favorite go-to basic black envelope skirt, with the burnt orange turtleneck I got on sale in Downtown Los Angeles—fusing winter pieces with spring basics. Of course the outfit is never nearly complete, without a jacket of some kind. I chose a fold-over style leather jacket to complete my ensemble.


pfk7AjbKGKzCSOSp_x7cyMKerhKzgFebo8wYRQNVe5g,hY6MKl3R7KRcXhLNQsKK2cT0Po2-ZFnRgr5nhTDAMLU,YEyk6XWzTARZ-DvL2HFG4MdteQPzb0-8Xj6ZIljDb4s,3ngI07LsGJbYtzajro59qJPD615rSsh0W_FONTr_AcwSince this look was very simple with plain color tones and no patterns, I wanted to wear a statement necklace that felt cohesive with the look, but really make it stand out. I chose one of my favorite new Native American inspired statement necklaces that had strong black stones to really tie the whole look together nicely. I had a lot of fun shooting this day in an unfinished housing track with my photographer Garrett. I hope you got inspired to squeeze in those last bit of winter wardrobes into your spring wardrobe before it goes full summer on ya! New look to be posted this weekend, until then……

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