Make Yellow Work For You

TPIQNZFA8q9FBVarwOV2WVCZJAA97BfY3dWFqHZswBA,FfYK5mtNcLZy9Hepwp77-vzWab4TcOArsuXsK9zTbuk,ADOlEDpFvqziDk5V9ppdD-WiZfdg1lpVVRQsDlDyWXQBold, bright, happy–perfect adjectives to describe the color yellow, and the focus color of today’s post. Spring to me, is all about new beginnings. Fresh flowers bloom, and the clocks change back to longer, sunnier days. Spring invites a special feeling of happiness and a chance to brighten up our wardrobes via bright colors! if you are one of those people that is absolutely terrified of wearing such a vibrant color as yellow, or think you can’t pull it off–trust me you can. Whether it’s a subtle hint of yellow, or a complete matchy-matchy yellow ensemble, there are many ways to make yellow work for your spring/summer wardrobes no matter your style or taste.

Yus7t69M8nIiWJ9v4QRVzNa7nOEt4Wga7hj1ijRJ9AU,bWYBVLarTODNG01JAK1FrFpKFi3wIBZdFhUKypPioqY,JZhHRR7Bkvtye6mF2T_PEG7DI_o1LxQRMuh1-Y7z5iw,IkhNLPM38v0M56fZei2dlLTwo9V2QqTjcgwDVumSdt4My initial look is for a the more feminine dresser who loves crop-tops, on-trend skorts and mixing oversized statement necklaces. My look would be perfect for a Sunday brunch with girlfriends, a poolside soiree or a daytime date with your main squeeze. if you are an avid visitor to my blog, you have come to realize i am an amazing bargain hunter when it comes to shopping. It wouldn’t be in true Jordan form, if i wasn’t sharing another outfit look with bargain price tags attached to it. The Downtown Fashion District has become my haven for scoring treasures of discounted clothes and shoes. One store in particular, located in Santee Alley, sells clothes at wholesale prices with the rule that you can’t try anything on aka know your size before you go. Though most items are priced at $7.99-$9.99, I have found true steals from $1.50 and up. If something ends up not fitting when you finally get home to try it on, than you aren’t out much money and can turn a profit by reselling online through various third party applications or websites like; Ebay, Vinter, etc.

4-qFtMmVfQUr-1Aj3z88o0xDsPkWnKkwvXcedxF3pKc,WUSIpMqyIMIdP75EohJnLSTBq5T9PriIT04VI602nMQ,AAlqQkBlZigK5-nt4psl_bRLgtwW7vLIrcgPMQhw2l0,LlCdmz98Dyajv7bXmmPNwQDH0kxwwhVT9DmQShsm9hsMy yellow vest, and flower print draped skort are both from the above store I mentioned, and are from the brand UMGEE USA. I had the yellow vest since I first auditioned for house of DVF and was really struggling to find a way to wear it. I am all about the matching sets look, so i wanted to match my bright yellow vest with a bottom that matched in color. Though identical color tones can be sometimes too matchy, finding a print that incorporates the matching color, really sells the look and breaks up the outfit to be more visually interesting. Due to the fact that my vest was a bit oversized on me and the skirt had a drape, choosing the wrong top could mean a bulky look.

HweihFO0uoN2B0rbvWAEOJ2tSI4bxJ8LYQAVCZ-NOC8,VJoVGrVJPPechpQXHPjDQqMnG6W9j3d_1eeszks_NoU,79IhtTrGYb76Kn9SbPTPQbezl7e1WICa6hL4PNejWnkI paired my look with a bandage style black crop top from Cotton On to expose a bit of skin and make it feel very Spring glam. I didn’t want to choose a regular sandal or go too dressy with full blown high-heels, so i chose a pair of black studded Isabel Marant look-a-like low-heel strappy shoes from AMIClubwear. They dress up the outfit enough with the heel and exposed feet, without looking like you are hoping paparazzi will catch you exiting your ladies brunch fully Diva’d out. S79-fruzX2JHV0BMYFmU2sRmRzyZqRAOMVJ_kjIfvh0,sSXs3QbKb6lLeoVtlpZ1cp3mCptKR6gzFhhBZ2uHZSs,LjlaXH_a98OO_LoXRt5sexs-DmBF28xTicgU76sNQ1M
Eha7McglF61P9kkgr90XVq_JsXOcxGCn1uNKRqfHJIY,dnedkw8TgoZ5sv4cXNbopYcJqDG2jjZxgBEF6iyWdIE,917D-_S6X67gUD-jsyoqwZjeyKIPHCHdTB9MwsI5-NI,SkI36X5PEcChycmfqUg9NvRtp5cqgjx2qAnt2GFNfmYWhile contemplating what color accessories I would pair this look with, I found an intriguing silver gemstone statement necklace that looked very vintage to me, that my friend let me borrow–purchased at Kohls.

DfPNeE5ao4vUTEAv91nnGcuk1baDpJTMQ6Pd9J6UrLc,qDG7CJ4aMxD4DbsCM_4Fa61bY9iadJqFaLOeJ36zMd0,DhpO8klv5U463rKG_Yn5XaCkOeTO0NUY6PObKmWbu14The nude-toned sunnies are from Forever 21, and a very trendy color for this coming summer season! To complete the look I chose a structured– Chloe look-a-like black bag from H&M. Matching the light-blue gem from my necklace, I’m sporting a beautiful matte powder blue nail job.

eMmSPyHnKWuGIJNj_S__TN3QPRpqMNTaL2y-m0ePWK4,6TaKMLZyUbDHJZFZ_GNmwyk8rYi20EexihX3BEOAxV4,oq5HSUpo3xv9TJQ3SgjjP-25mgQLjPvz6t5N-kMEEkMI wanted an old-glam hair look, and soft-toned makeup and achieved just that with the help of a childhood friend–Lindsay–who now is a hairstylist and created this feminine glam hairstyle on me. If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley or Hollywood area and are looking for a great hairstylist you can book an appointment directly with her. You can find her instagram at @hairbylindsay_m . All photography by Garett Wedel of 0816 Productions.

Below are some yellow looks great for either going Yellow Bold–or minimal color with a pop of yellow…. available for purchase now! Click and it will send you directly to the site.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.04.58 PM

Floral Pattern River Island Bandeau Crop Top with a hint of yellow. Price Tag: $48.00.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.01.14 PM

Keep it minimal if simple is more your style, by adding a blush toned structured Yellow Crossbody like this one from Forever21. Price Tag: $22.90.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.55.02 PM

Dresses or tops that have a soft print on top of a bright yellow can really help to break up the bright color visually, and will make it uber on trend for the Spring/Summer season. Get one like this at Forever21. Price Tag: $19.80.
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.52.53 PM

Want a great going out outfit? Coordinating sets are the hottest trend out right now, and why not sport a vibrant yellow to stand out of the crowd and wow in a set like this Lemon colored one from Missguided. Price Tag: $24.00. 
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.49.27 PM

Sometimes a bright yellow is perfect paired down with a solid dark color like this black and white gingham print skirt. Very subtle but visually stunning and a solid look. Get this at Missguided. Price Tag: $20.00.


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.03.32 PM

If you are looking for a stunning piece to wow, this flared abstract print blazer with light yellow tones peeking out, is THE perfect amount of yellow and such a beautiful fit. Get this look straight from River Island. Price Tag: $45.00.


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