Maleficent: Gothic-Chic Inspired

Maleficent Inspiration Look

Photography Credit: 0816 Productions

I don’t know about you, but I have always been a Disney movie fan, and was excited to hear that they decided to make the film Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. Angelina, besides being drop-dead gorgeous, to me is such a perfect fit for the character of Maleficent. Her strong cheekbones and intense look, mixed with her A-list acting credentials, means I can’t wait to see her adaptation of the character Maleficent. I did this shoot a while back, and the dark mood with the purple kimono, really made this look feel witchy, and very Maleficent inspired. So, I thought what a great idea to post this as my Maleficent-Inspired fashion look.

Maleficent AnimatedThe original animated character of Maleficent is seen in dark black colors, with a huge black and purple robe with bat-wing like edges, symbolizing her dragon form she later turns into.

To recreate a similar look in a fashion friendly way, I chose to wear my high-waisted stretchy black pants. I paired the pants with a 2B Bebe striped crop top with a high-neck, to channel Maleficent’s covered neck. I wanted to keep the entire outfit dark, while utilizing that purple pop of color that you seen in Maleficent’s robe, by wearing my Cotton On–chiffon maxi-kimono.

In the forest To top off the look, I paired the outfit with my Target Style Black heeled boots. I love how it turned out, with the harsh, dark outfit, softened by the purple kimono, feeling very Gothic-Chic. I left out the horn’s this time, sticking with a half-up half-down do. Hope you enjoyed my take on a Maleficent fashion look! Go see the movie, like I will be doing at some point this weekend, and don’t forget to have a fabulous– last day of May!


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