No Boyfriend, No Problem

No Boyfriend, No Prob

Photography Cred: 0816 Productions

Happy Hump Day! If you can’t tell what the theme of today’s post is, besides a cute graphic tee and leather combo, well the picture really says it all– No Boyfriend, No Problems! Now, I’m not a male-hater by any means, but after various failed relationships, I’ve realized there are some benefits leading a single life. Not to say that relationships are bad, but there is something so amazing about being single in your early twenties, free to explore who you are and what you want. Now those of you who are married with kids, or in a serious relationship, I’m not hating on your choices but in fact, applaud you! Congratulations for being able to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, unfortunately most of us do not possess such luck. Most us of go through many heartbreaks, life lessons, and periods in our lives where we find out who we really are and what we want out of life. When I first became single, I hated it! I fought every bit of the way– crying, feeling sorry for myself, and trying to immediately meet someone to fill the empty space that once was a committed relationship. But then one day, I had this epiphany– where all of the adult voices in my head saying “Be single in your 20’s, you don’t know who you are yet”, were finally becoming very clear, that it’s the TRUTH and should be embraced! When I even compare who I was four short years ago at the ripe age of 18, to who I am today, it amazes me at how many changes have occurred and how much I have grown and learned.  When you are in a committed relationship with someone, a major focus is going to be on them, often ignoring many of your own needs and dreams. This can be detrimental because these are the prime years that begin to define who you are and where your path will take you. It really depends on who you date, and whether or not they are someone who will encourage your dreams and goals, or distract you and put a halt on your potential to grow. In my personal opinion, every adult should take some time, whether it be weeks, months or years, to be alone and get to know themselves. Figure out what you really want out of life, out of a career, out of a partner, and figure out what makes you the happiest. Giving yourself this time to discover and love who you are, and to feed your needs– exclusively for the purposes of attaining whatever gives you ultimate happiness–can ultimately mean a happier life, that you finally have the reigns over. Being single has changed my current life for the better. I am more focused on my dreams and goals, and have the time to put in 100% effort in all of my projects. My goals to grow my dreams and career, and create a life for myself all off of my own hard work, is my main priority. And, if love enters at some point in the future, hey I may not even fight it! After all, don’t we all want that “Happily Ever After”?

Full outfit leather/graphic

With that important topic out of the way, here is my– outfit of the day– look, for your daily Fashion-spiration needs. My look today is a kind of grunge-chic leather look. This look is perfect for a casual day out, when your needing a break from the heels, and boots become your savior. I am wearing a Zara Collection striped green & navy skirt, that perfectly screams summer. I chose to pair this look with a ‘No Boyfriend, No Problems’ graphic tank to keep it feeling casual. I love playing with a print like the stripe and mixing a cool graphic tee. I wanted to keep most of the accessories darker to achieve a sort of grunge-esque mood, so I am wearing my H&M black biker boots and black leather jacket. H&M necklace detailsSince we went simple, with the graphic tee, I added a black leather w/ silver details- Egyptian statement necklace, from H&M. I think this statement piece adds the perfect touch of edginess that this look needs due to the geometric shape, while keeping in theme of todays post, leather-mania. Full lookWith this look, I’m sporting a side Braid and a silver dangle- elephant ear cuff, purchased last year on Ebay. Finally, every outfit could use a great bag or clutch, so in keeping with my leathery look, I am wearing my Steve Madden Black studded side purse. I love this little bag because it actually holds quite a few things, but has a long strap, great for slinging over your shoulder, for that extra hands free capability. That is all for now! Shop this look with similar pieces below.

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