Off to Europe!!!

Off to JFKHey guys!! So today is THE day i’ve been waiting for and looking forward to all year long, travel day!! I have been prepping for my big summer adventure for the past 6 months and though it has gone by relatively slow, it now feels like it couldn’t have come any sooner or at a better time. I am leaving California today, heading to New York, where I will catch my flight with my Birthright group to our destination: Israel! For those of you who have never heard of Taglit Birthright, it is basically a program where, if you are of jewish decent and are between the ages of 18-26,  you get the opportunity to go on a free 10 day trip to Israel to see the “motherland” of jewish culture. Once you apply, and have gone through an interview process, you get put in a group of 40 people to travel with and experience the beautiful culture that is Israel. From floating in the dead sea, to rafting in the Jordan river, visiting the holy city of Jerusalem and being able to bond with 40 strangers, who will soon become family, you get an experience of a lifetime. I am so beyond excited to experience this adventure with these 40 strangers that will soon become lifelong friends, including my little sister, which makes the experience even more meaningful.

unnamed-1 unnamedWhen you apply for Birthright, you have to choose a travel company to go through, with the ability to choose a company that is geared towards your interests. For example, you could choose a provider that focuses more on hiking and rock climbing if your interested, or entertainment where they gear the trip more towards learning about the Israeli film industry. The trip I am going on wasn’t quite my interest at first, but my little sister’s friend had chosen to go on a special trip that involves training in the Israeli Defense Army for two days, so in order to go on the trip with my sister, I chose to go on this trip. This is going to be a very interesting aspect that I will most definitely discuss and share with you all, on my experiences at the base, where we get full uniforms, dog tags and learn about search and rescue missions. I find this very relevant as well, due to current world news, specifically talking about the three Israeli teens that were abducted in West Bank, Israel and found dead just this week. Our group is traveling with 10 Israeli soldiers our age, the entire trip and there will surely be many discussions on this topic and the crisis’ that occur in that part of the country on a daily basis. Needless to say, this is about to be a life changing trip, and Birthright is just the first 10 days out of my two month trip. I won’t tell you where exactly I am going, but it will be a fun game to follow along with my blog and find out where I am next. Can’t wait to share all the amazing experiences with you guys and to have an amazing summer in the process. For now, Bon Voyage and see ya on the other side!!! Ps. Included some pics of my sister and I enjoying a little toasting of wine, while we waited for our flight at the beautiful outdoor Longbeach airport!!


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