Cranberry Casual-OOTD

Photography Credit: 0816 Productions Hello good friends all over the world. Hope your winter season thus far has been treating you well as we approach the best holiday of the year, Christmas (or Hannukah for whom it applies)! This will be a fairly quick post today, as I am also working on a few other posts coming […]

Talking “Wild” the Film + A Winter Mint OOTD

Photography: 0816 Productions Happy Holidays my friends. Thanksgiving and Christmas happen to be my favorite holidays and favorite season of the year. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was when I had finished my platefuls of Thanksgiving food, knowing the next day it officially meant Christmas time was here! My favorite parts of this […]

Procrastination, Fall Re-focus, and an OOTD

Fall is a time where clocks change–along with the leaves, the warm weather and maybe an indulgence in some life reflection. As the sun starts to set in the late afternoon, fall can feel like anything but motivating. But, it does offer the chance to start reflecting over the past year and decide on what […]

Ease Your Summer Work Wardrobe into Fall

Photography by: 0816 Productions If you are anything of a fashionista or a clothing aficionado, you’re probably dying to be able to take out that adorable pea coat hanging at the back of your closet, waiting to be worn, or to be able to throw on a simple scarf without breaking a full sweat. As we make our […]

Edgy Floral OOTD Ft. the Snake Necklace

Photography credit: Garett Wedel of 0816 Productions Hope everyone has been enjoying the start of their week! I have really missed taking outfit of the day photos, and since school is back in and fall is heading our way, my weekly outfit posts are back, and ready to push fashion limits! I wanted to take […]

Off to Europe!!!

Hey guys!! So today is THE day i’ve been waiting for and looking forward to all year long, travel day!! I have been prepping for my big summer adventure for the past 6 months and though it has gone by relatively slow, it now feels like it couldn’t have come any sooner or at a […]

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