Pre-June Gloom Layering

Into the Light

Photography Credit: 0816 Productions

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hope you are all having a safe and fun holiday! Last week, we had a bit of Pre-June Gloom rain and I finally got the opportunity to do a layered look! California winter was barely existent, let alone Spring, so I finally got to throw on a jacket and test out a fun Vintage Inspired Look with  an oversized vintage blazer I got recently.
I think something really fun about layering a look, is playing with textures to give each element it’s own stand-out feel. I started with the idea of using the oversized blue and purple lined blazer, but because it was oversized I knew I needed something to cinch it, and give it shape. Underneath the blazer, I am wearing a textured white + black sweater, layered over a quilted black circle skirt.

Outfit Texture detailsLayering the blazer over the sweater added a cool pop of color, and using the purple belt to shape the oversized look, it also brings the look together, matching the sleeved lining of the coat. I wanted to keep the theme of dark colors within the outfit, so I chose a black cut-out high heel.

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To pull together the vintage vibe with a new school flair, I paired the look with an H&M –Navy Charleston hat and rocked a side braid. I loved this look, and this warm–rainy day. Layering is a great way to put together a visually interesting look. How do you layer?



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