Procrastination, Fall Re-focus, and an OOTD

CITY STRUT IN BLACK, GREY & STRIPESFall is a time where clocks change–along with the leaves, the warm weather and maybe an indulgence in some life reflection. As the sun starts to set in the late afternoon, fall can feel like anything but motivating. But, it does offer the chance to start reflecting over the past year and decide on what note you want to go out in as 2014 comes to a close.

The beginning of my year started out highly productive. I decided one week in March, while skyping my best friend Allie who lives in Spain, that it was finally time to start a new blog. Within a week I had already started shooting looks with my now photographer Garett Wedel of 0816 Productions, and was organizing concepts while designing my blog site. Week three I  won a Scholarship to a Blogger Conference where I got to sharpen my skills in all things blogging and met some really awesome new blogger friends to add to my new network. I had made up my mind on my newly set goals for the year, and nothing would stop my progress or drive to express myself through blogging. Then, after months of sharing my personal style through photographs and blog articles, I found out I would be traveling to Europe and Israel all summer. I would again be on a true adventure worthy of blogging! It was all happening the way I imagined it. A new site, a growing audience and two months worth of travel material, things were only going up. Then the mishaps started to occur. First my computer charger wouldn’t work in Israel leaving me virtually off the grid in the blog world, with the exception of Instagram to the rescue. After Israel, trying to find reliable wifi anywhere in Europe that didn’t come from a restaurant or cafe became the beast to battle. When I finally arrived in Amsterdam after a long month traveling, I was finally able to start my blogging but wasn’t quite in the same flow as I was back home in Los Angeles. I ended up having so few days in each place that I traveled, I made the decision to enjoy and soak in the moments I had and blog about it later when I got home.

Arriving back in Los Angeles in August, exhausted from a long and eventful summer away, I immediately started school, work and the search for a new job. All of a sudden fast forward to November, and here I am wondering how the months got away from me and how I managed to post less and less with each coming week. The simple answer being procrastination. I kept making excuses for not being able to post or put it off one day and then that day turned into a week–and again another week. Truth is I lost my motivation to put in the work, and until the other day–laying cuddled up in my bed to my journal while listening to the rain– I realized I had neglected dreams that needed addressing. I have big plans that start with this blog and span larger than the average life career plan.  I had this realization that those hardworking Billionaires that become the CEO’s of huge companies, the movers and shakers of the world, creating and making a real change– don’t get lazy or let months go by without going out there and taking their dreams by the hand. So, what note am I choosing to end this year on you might ask? One that involves seeking, creating and snatching up opportunities that will put me closer to my dreams and goals. With more creative new blog topics, finishing my travel diary series in Europe this summer, a secret fashion video project in the works, and planning ahead for the coming year. I am taking back control of my dreams, and going full boss mode as I help to create the future I see for myself. With that being said, have you taken a look over your past year? What does it look like? Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself…or did you realize the lack thereof them. Don’t let fall get away from you without re-focusing and setting yourself up to start off 2015 with high dreams and plans of accomplishing greatness. We all can stray from the productive path at times, but as long as you jump back in and make big moves, you are bound to reach your dreams.


Now to one of my favorite parts of the day, the Outfit of the Day! I shot this look about a month ago in Downtown LA where I just moved. I forgot how much I love living in a crowded city with people all around and constant activities, fashion, film and creativity to help inspire. Perhaps I’m meant for New York living, although I’m not sure my Cali blood could really handle those brutal winters–so a summer apartment could do. I have really been exploring my fashion style as of late, wanting to steer from the typical everyday fashions you see on the typical girl walking down the street. I found these vintage high-waisted boyfriend shorts while clothes hunting one day, and once I slid those suckers on in that tiny dressing room, I instantly fell in love. For so long I feared the boyfriend shorts because it can sometime make you look funky, with some extra pudge in all the wrong places and these happened to fit like a glove. I knew with these very structured shorts, that in order to keep it feminine I would need to pair the look with a crop top to chop up the look and still maintain a feminine shape. That can be where people go wrong when exploring the tough silhouette of a “boyfriend” style anything.

FEMININE SHAPES When you have that kind of baggier or wider look, adding a ton of layers or heavy pieces can make you look drab-homely instead of fabulously sexy. Us women love to dress to accentuate our shape and the best way to take this “boyfriend” style short head on is to make sure you find balance with the upper body. Also, throwing on a great pair of high-heels like my black buckle strapped ones with a sexy point, can elongate the legs and make the boyfriend shorts soar to sexier heights. I love adding a print or stripe to any solid colored outfit. I stuck with the grey and black theme, and went with a great long sleeved chiffon black and white blouse to create an interesting visual to this simple look. All you need is the guts to go bold and start creating looks that make dressing every morning exciting. That, and a little attitude to match couldn’t hurt. Strut your stuff and feel confident in your style, and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

More coming soon this week, and a Happy Veterans with a big THANK YOU to all those Vets who serve/ed to protect our dreams and safety here in America every day. We are truly lucky to be born in a country where dreams are the foundation and identity of what makes us so powerful and great, and even luckier that thousands of people volunteer every day to put their life on the line for our protection. Until next time….

All photos shot by 0816 Productions.

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