Pulling Floral Prints Off In Neutrals

FLower PantsPhotography Credit goes to the talented: 0816 Productions 

Get this look: Teal Chiffon Collared Button-Up- Forever21; Flower Print pants – Cotton On; Beige Heel w/ Teal details- Just Fab;  Beige leather bag – Just Fab;  Beige Coat w/ Black Lining – (Mothers closet)

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I’m currently working, and eagerly anticipating my birthday celebration this evening, with my family. I’m turning 22 on Monday, and definitely feeling the pressure that an extra year of age brings with it. When your transitioning from girl to woman,  you start to think more about the way  you portray yourself to the world. One of the biggest changes I have made over the  final months of being 21, is my clothes. I always loved fashion, loved heels and classy looks, but I never felt I was quite at that age to be dressing that way. Then, one day I realized that I finally felt like a woman, and wanted my clothing and style to put off that message to the world, and to finally be taken seriously as a young adult. I’d collected a closet full of clothes, wearing them day to day, that no longer described me. I had outgrown the look and the inside Jordan was just waiting for that final push to begin collecting a wardrobe that described the changes I’d made over the past few years, on the inside. Now, I’m slowly collecting pieces that have a timeless look, while I weed out the older younger me, side of the closet. It feels amazing to finally be coming into my own, learning everyday about myself and staying true to who I am. So there! Now that I’ve succeeded in the self-realization portion of this post, lets get to outfitting!Collar detailsI looooove this look I chose for today’s post. It is so classy, chic, and feminine!! I’ve been seeing the floral printed pant everywhere from runways to stores, and thought I’d get in on the action and do my take on the look. I wanted it to be a more formal look, but with a Springy feel. Since the pants are a darker floral print with hints of beige and teal, I thought I’d pull some of the lighter colors out in the rest of the outfit.Neutrals I am wearing a teal chiffon button up, with embellished collar detailing. I chose to layer the look a bit, since we finally had a cold spring day in California to actually allow for a jacket, wearing a cute fitted beige jacket with black lining detail pulls in the darker look of the pant. Just fab bag and HeelsI am wearing a new pair of heels that came in the mail from Just Fab, that I am sooooo excited about! I couldn’t wait to put them on because they go so perfect with this outfit and color scheme, almost as if they’re made for each other. I also just got a new beige bag from Just Fab as well, that was part of my “Swag Bag” at the Lifestyle Blogger Conference I attended last weekend, and must say I’m in LOVE with it! Shoe detailsThank you so much to Just Fab for the awesome bag, that just happened to match my new Just Fab heels! How more meant to be could it get?! I think this look would be perfect to wear to work or lunch meeting with friends or colleagues. I wore this look to school, so there’s no limit to where you can rock a cute outfit like this. Balance a busy floral print with neutrals and you can wear this kind of look pretty much anywhere. Sure you can go with your normal style or you could be more bold in the way you dress. Up’ing your style game can give you the confidence boost you’re looking for, while you feel equally stylish. I hope you loved the look as much as I did. Stay Fashionable!!


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