Spring Forward With Resort Wear Style

resort wear


All Photography by: Garrett Wedel of 0816 Productions

For this look, I went with a beautiful nude leather circle skirt as the basis of my entire outfit. I really wanted to pull in a color scheme that went cohesively with the tropical setting I envisioned one would wear this in, so I thought that brown tones and different shades of green would be the way to go for this outfit. Sometimes I tend to buy pieces and wait months before I actually shoot a look with it because I’m usually waiting for the perfect piece to pair it with. Whether it be the perfect matching shoes, the perfect purse or that perfect statement accessory, it had to be that perfect piece or else the item would just sit in the back of my closet. That whole rant pretty much leads me to the fact that I’ve had this vintage sheer cropped tropical print shirt for about a year now, and brought it with me to Europe last summer, only to wear it once. I took a few shots wearing it while in Barcelona, but it was very spur of the moment and I had limited clothing to pair with the top–wasn’t the exact outfit I had envisioned when I bought the top. So after I bought this circle skirt in February, I knew this was the missing piece to pair with my top. Due to the tops sheer nature, somethings gotta go underneath, and for vacation purposes a bathing suit would be the easiest thing to throw on if taking a quick dip in the ocean was of interest. I wore an Urban Outfitters Creme bralette underneath my top. The color was shuttle enough not to draw attention away from the detail of the print on the shirt, but had a visibly interesting lacey pattern that didn’t look like I just threw on a regular bra underneath.


For shoes, I wanted to keep with that cohesive, soft nude and green tone and I had the perfect pair of brown and olive green scrappy heels. The color paired effortlessly with my look, and I always feel like heels can really dress up and make an outfit. Especially, when you wear an open toed shoes in a tropical environment, it really can keep the outfit feeling open and invites your freshly sun-kissed skin to have some display time.



This look is very light and airy, so I wanted to keep the accessories in line with that same feel. I went for a dainty gold Guess necklace with a simple bar. My earrings were a drop chain gold  set I picked up on sale from H&M.

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I wanted to stack some bracelets together because it is very on trend at the moment. I wore my white leather watch, a Greek symbol bracelet I bought in Athens over the summer, and a gold & brown leather chain bangle.  My purse is from Guess, and I love how the red adds a subtle pop of color to the whole outfit.


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