Summer’s Up, Carnival’s On!

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Wow! The year has seriously flown by since my last and only post of 2016. For those of you who still follow my blog, I thank you for checking in to see what’s new in my world. With such a busy year of school and internships, the sad fact is I have let my blog fall to the wayside. Of course I still post an outfit-of-the-day every so often on my Instagram feed, and have shared many of my styling and photography works from various projects over the year. However, I’ve so greatly missed sharing my thoughts and again am aiming to step this up over the next few months. My lovely Macbook decided to crap out on me a few months back, so needless to say blogging over the Summer has been impossible. This leads me to my next point being Summer. Again, WOW, has this summer passed in the blink of an eye.

I’ve mainly been working my butt off in various jobs. From getting to work various events and attend concerts at Wembley Stadium, to meeting some amazing people at various Creative companies, it has truly been a jam packed summer. I was lucky enough to be able to join a mostly all-paid expense trip to Beijing in June and July (post to come), which was such an eye opening experience. Some of my family visited me in London as well, traveling to outer-lying cities like Windsor to see the Windsor Castle and enjoying all the touristic destinations within the city. Visitors always make a great excuse to explore more of where you live, with the regular day-to-day life tending to fill up most of my time. The weather has been pretty fantastic this summer, as I have been able to enjoy many days of sun, including an amazing solo trip to Margate, Kent (post to come) to enjoy some beach fun by the seaside. England is so magnificently vast in its landscape and I look forward to being able to explore different cities over the next few years.

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With summer nearing its end, I think everyone is trying to get that last bit of summer air before vacations cease and school/work launches full speed ahead. This weekend is the famous Carnival Celebration in Notting Hill, which always falls on a Bank Holiday in England. Carnival is basically the biggest street festival in Europe, originating back to 1964 as a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own traditions and culture. On Sunday, Kids Day, many families come out to celebrate and enjoy a fun, food filled day of flamboyant costumes and music. Monday being the main parade day, visitors experience vibrant costumes, lots of food, and over sixty different bands drumming up a rhythmic experience for the entire London community. Last year, I happened to be in Italy during this festival, so for my first Carnival in London I will post pictures and videos with an accompanied post for you all to see and enjoy! That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more posts to come!





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