Talking “Wild” the Film + A Winter Mint OOTD


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Happy Holidays my friends. Thanksgiving and Christmas happen to be my favorite holidays and favorite season of the year. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was when I had finished my platefuls of Thanksgiving food, knowing the next day it officially meant Christmas time was here! My favorite parts of this holiday season are the smells of burnt wood fireplaces in the crisp air, the lights and decor, jingly christmas tunes, presents and the time spent with family and friends. Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever other holiday you celebrate in December, this season is a time to give and to share memories with the ones we love. Those reading this have likely outgrown the “Santa” thing, yet Christmas still has the ability to make anything feel possible with an extra boost of energy left in our stockings. Shoot, even the yearly re-introduction to Starbuck’s peppermint mocha’s is a reason to celebrate. This year is no less exciting and I can’t wait to start wrapping gifts and decorate my christmas tree. I’ll be uploading a post on the ways I like to decorate and a few traditions I participate in during the holiday season later this month.

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8As we get further into winter, it will only get colder (well in SoCal you never know). Which means the short shorts, and sleeveless shirts from Summer will become near use-less. Before it started to get cold and rainy here in California, I shot this look in fall transition. I have seen so many bloggers doing their take on a long sleeveless vest and thought I would try my hand at it with the only sleeveless vest I own. I never really knew how to rock this vest before now. It was originally a dress but it always looked too puffy and wide on the sides when fully zipped up, so I decided to wear it as a vest and leave it fully open. I loved how the combination looked and how the vest’s cinched elastic portion in the middle, helped make my waist look fitted, giving off a petty coat feel.  I wanted a very feminine, girly look this day, as I had an event to see a screening of the Reese Witherspoon film “Wild” at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I chose my Urban Outfitters black leather circle skirt, and a mint chiffon button up blouse with collar detailing from Forever 21 to pair with my vest. Since the color is unique and feels very wintery, I tried to pair matching colors so the vest wouldn’t seem too vibrant and give off a summery feel. One of my favorite trends from this season is the collared blouse with pins or necklaces that dress up the neck area right around the collar. I wore a crystal heart pendant necklace and adjusted the length so that it would hit directly at my neck for an extra pop of neck candy.

details 6I went for an ornate cuff and silver hoop earrings to touch off my jewelry with this look. I think simple for this look worked best. The black patent leather bag I am holding is the best LV fake you ever did see. Still costly but not as jaw dropping as a traditional Louis, but we’ll get there some day. This look is all black, white and mint and in keeping with that, the shoes were more of an eye-pop than anything else within the look. I wore a pointy black and white striped heel that I picked up downtown at a really cool boutique. The insole of the shoes (as you may be able to see on the side) are teal and was the winning factor when choosing a shoe for this outfit.

For a look like this, a nice bun up-do can keep your hair out of your face and pull the look together. I did a traditional sock bun, but because my hair is so thick and long, it ended up giving the front of my head a more relaxed look, instead of the typical tight pulling high bun that those donuts create. I actually preferred this and will try it again on another look.

Wild-movie posterAs mentioned, I wore this look to an industry event for a screening of the film “Wild”, a book based on a true story by Cheryl Strayed and played by Reese Witherspoon. The synopsis is about a women who lost her mother and spiraled down a dark path of drugs and sex, ultimately ending her marriage, all the while losing herself. She decides to embark on a three month long journey through an intense trail called the Pacific Crest Trail, sharing her journey to finding herself. I hadn’t known much about the film before seeing it, besides the fact Reese Witherspoon had played the lead and that it had done well at festivals. This movie was an unexpected favorite of mine. The landscapes, the music, the underlying comedy mixed with raw emotions, you can’t get a more real, genuine movie than this one. I felt so inspired after watching it, that I realized no matter how far we all fall in life, we can pick ourselves up and find our way back. Also, this movie made me really want to adventure somewhere to have a life changing experience like the real life Cheryl Strayed did. I do realize I have managed to take off to Europe for months at a time and galavant, but I don’t think that any kind of adventure except the kind that you get from journeying by yourself in the wild for months at a time can give you. Being by yourself you are tested more than any other time. You don’t have many others to rely on and when you do finally get the help, you appreciate and hold dear the people who reached out to help or impacted your life in some way. One other thing that this film invoked within me was the idea that so many people pass through our lives. Some we hold only a minute conversation with, some we know for many years after, and some we don’t know at all and don’t care to know because we as humans always seem to be busy and in our own world.  I decided that I would take more opportunities to talk to people and to give those passerby’s I ignore a hello or a smile. That the people that felt the need to share something with me or talk to me, I would embrace them in that moment and be present with whatever they have to offer to my life. Maybe one word of wisdom, maybe a life-changing outlook. You never know who can make an impression on your life. In fact, just as I was writing this while at work, a customer who comes in often and likes to talk told me some very funny advice and instead of eye rolling in my mind at him, I embraced what he had to say and give me in this moment, and hey I got some quality fruit out of it he so kindly gifted me.

Give yourself the chance to open up to people you might not have in the past, and you might slowly begin to open up your world. The people in this life are so unique and different. We all have something to offer and everyone deserves to be understood and acknowledge. I encourage you all to see this film when it comes out in theaters very soon!

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