Mint+Green Full outfit Combo Photography Credit: 0816 Productions

This week has been crazy busy but thankfully finals are right around the corner!! I meant to upload this post yesterday, but had classes all day with a shoot squeezed in the middle of them. So, here I am at Panera, enjoying my lunch and getting some work done. My look this week is a White and Mint color Combo with hints of nude. Summer is getting closer, and with temperatures rising here in sunny California, colors can help when the heat really starts to kick in. As you have been seeing throughout many of my posts this Spring/Summer season, I have been a big fan of white. The color white absorbs the least amount of light, therefore keeping you cooler than a — lets say black or navy shirt would. I have had this Cotton On white, ruffled sundress since I left Australia in 2008, from studying abroad in high school. I rarely wear it, but happened to be going through an old box of clothes and thought it was the perfect light, summery white dress to thrown on and layer with. spdNs4C51yx0uWnkii3yv-jJgal2RLU1ZPzbYBhPVYY,s9TxAImJRqSOoGuBaT8vYoXDG3c-3IRS5jC-gmC4X9A,s0Os6gQaf-Xot_b7QuElZ3-G0eHtpjLF4jC7iFPKnXw,eeUfaj55Fuhx18WX7HVpNEN2DMpF39CJrbpvxEIPYZk,O2W3ceroEIy-aKQ2UVoNkoI4XrBhIAxC6XD_5l_ZsJcThe mint colored cotton jacket from Old Navy is the perfect airy jacket to throw on over summer when it starts to get cool at nights, plus I’m loving this color right now and how can you go wrong with white and mint?! I chose to dress this look up slightly with my Brown Shiekh ankle-strapped heels, to make it the perfect outfit for going out at night to a bar on that vacation in the Mediterranean. It’s light enough for the hot summery nights, and still very cute and casual. Frizzy hair and Earrin detailsMy jewelry choices were golds, mint and colorful beaded bracelets from Mexico. My earrings are light green jade-esque stone chandelier earrings, to keep the flow of the soft green and white palette, and to add a more upscale element to the simple cotton dress. yLSxW3ShId0bha232dIaLiaOQYJPWdugwQnNV4qe7YY,DUq6K6Ho16EWlogUuOw-pSccBrAITvAW-jOrQ118hkE,jVtD_uCMmbcdnBvtOzWYElMn1Asuep4U1NNaX1ieufs,ZydK1AT7bO02KAF-iFHldhRJcTjgAhKg8AM7CctF04s,_AQ-l-DfrU7ptyJnFJBjMjmX77ON0OIW1NaNhqpSphU,XXg4bAq4b4HOsePS0lun27U6Wy3qqN Rings, are my usual few I wear, and then a jade multi-stone ring. I think this could be worn in many different settings, perhaps throw on some brown, strappy sandals and your beach ready. I chose to wear my messy-bun updo, because I was rushing to class and felt it made a more casual, cool feel to the look. Hope you like this look, and stay connected via Instagram-Twitter-Facebook for more fashion inspiration and soon to be travel posts accompanied! It is only a little over a month till I leave for Europe & Israel and I am BEYOND excited to take you all along for the ride, for two months traveling through Israel, Spain, Italy, France, and Greece! It’s about to be an amazing summer full of adventures and lots of firsts!!!!! Shop similar looks below:

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